Does it really produce rain?


Well, as we have said, it all depends on your faith in the process. If you believe that turning your rainstick upside down a few more times can produce rain, it will produce rain. If you don’t believe, it won’t. Then it’s simply a piece of decration and/or an alternative musical instrument. We strongly believe that our rainsticks can make the skies cry and we have witnessed many cases that prove it. The effect is even stronger when there is a group of people, who share the belief in the “magical powers” of the rainstick. It is strongest, when kids are playing with it.

You see, it is not money that makes the world go round, it is faith, persuation and belief. Whatever you believe in, goes. Rainsticks are only tools for externalising your persuation that you can change the weather at whim. And they work perfectly, as such.

Once, we were invited to a wedding. We took some rainsticks with us, for presents. Kids were playing with them before the party. It was intended to be a three-day open air party. Luckily, the hosts had provided shelters, in case of rain. After we saw that kids were playing more and more intensively with the rainsticks, we warned their parents. Some of the grown-ups were very skeptic about it, especially the groom, who is a very sweet man and a dear friend of ours, but also a firm atheist, a materialist and a tough “new age disbeliever”. Well, it did rain. It poured with rain for three days! We celebrated under the shelters. Even the groom said “Wow! This thing must be working for rea!”. It’s all about aritmetics, actually. We think there were more “believers” than “disbelievers” at the party. And there were the kids. Kids have the strongest faith in the world. They also had the instruments for externalising it…

Another friend of ours got this as a present. He happens to be a believer in crazy ideas like people being able to change the weather with a rainstick in their hands. It started raining in the moment he started palying with it! We were sunbathing in the park and, suddenly, we had to seek shelter. The next day he took it with him on a railroad journey across the country. He was showing it to the people in his compartment and he was explaining what it does. He said it was raining outside during the whole trip…

So, we leave it up to you, fellas. The morale of this “story” is that whatever you believe in, goes. Especially, if you have a tool for externalising your beliefs. It only makes them stronger.

Here is a short video presentation of one of our rainsticks:

Don’t forget that we will be presenting our handmade art, rainsticks included, at this year’s Spirit of Burgas (27-28 July). Special thanx to “NA TAMNO” for the opportunity! 


GG Sisters 

What is a Rainstick?

Many people know exactly what a rainstick is, but many people are still asking us: “What аre these beautiful colourful tubes? What are they made of? What are they filled with? What is their purpose?” Well, here is a little more about them:

Classical rainsticks (we call them just “rains”) are usually made of wood, cactus or bamboo. Their purpose is to make the skies cry. They can also be used as a myscial instrument. Rainsticks (“batons du pluit” in French) have a Himalayan origin. Buddhist monks are well known for their miracles. One of their abilities is to change weather. In this case, they influence the weather, in order to produce rain. You see, crops are scarce in the high mountains. Sometimes you have to provoke a drop or two in the desired time…For that purpose, they use meditation, mantras, visualization…and a rainstick. It facilitates them to concentrate on the desired result, as it produces the exact sound of a rain falling down from the sky.

Other supposed origins of the rainstick are the deserts of Afrika and the dry regions of Asia and America. It is even more important to be able to “produce” rain there. Different tribes used cactus or bamboo to make rainsticks.

Believe us or not, our rainsticks have exactly the same effect. The only difference is that we make them of recycled paper. Well, it all depends on the faith, of course. Not the faith in God, in the Universe or in some other mythical being, but simply the belief that it will work. If you have no doubts, it will rain…shortly after you start playing with this instrument.

Every rainstick makes a different sound. It is the preparation of the sound that makes this form of art tricky. And interesting. And attractive. We’ll keep the technology and the contents in secret for now, but we’ll tell you some real stories about rainsticks in our next publications, so – follow this blog. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the technology and/or the contents of the rainsticks, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also join us at one of our next exhibitions (hint: Spirit of Burgas). We will teach you – online or in person. We like to share, but we prefer to share our secrets only with people who really want to know.

If you would like to order one of these beautiful, uniqie, magical, handmade rains (as a decoration for the interior of your house, for example, as a gift for a friend, or as a helpful tool for your farm 🙂 ), just drop us a line. You can order one of these beauties (click on the icons for a more detailed preview):

Or we can produce a custom rainstick for you – one that matches your exact taste for colour, shape, form, and the kind of rain you’d like to be singing in… 🙂


        GG Sisters

Какъв е този “дъжд”?

Много хора знаят точно какво е rainstick, но и много хора все още ни питат: “Какви са тези красиви цветни тръби? От какво са направени? Какво има вътре? Ама наистина ли има вода? Каква е тяхната цел?” Ето малко повече за “дъждовете”:

Класическият rainstick (ние гo наричаме просто “дъжд”) обикновено е изработен от бамбук, дърво или кактус. Целта му е да накара небето да плаче. Дъждовете могат, също така, да се използват и като музикален инструмент. Rainstick-ът (или “baton du pluit” на френски) идва от Хималаите. Будистките монаси са известни с чудесата, които правят, включително и със способността си да променят климата. С този инструмент те влияят на времето, за да предизвикват дъжд. Разбирате ли, селскостопанските култури са оскъдни във високите планини. Понякога трябва да се провокират две-три капки дъжд в желаното време, за да има реколта. Дъждове се предизвикват чрез медитация, мантри, визуализация …и rainstick. Той те улеснява да се концентрираш върху желания резултат, тъй като създава предварително звука на дъжд, сипещ се от небето.

Друг произход на “дъждовете” са сухите райони в Африка, Азия и Америка. В пустинята е още по-важно да си в състояние да предизвикаш дъжд. Различните племена са ги правили от бамбукови тръби или от кактуси.

Вярвате или не, нашите “дъжове” имат точно същия ефект. Единствената разлика е, че ние ги правим от рециклирана хартия. Е, всичко зависи от вярата, разбира се. Не вярата в Бог, във Вселената или в някакво друго митично същество, а просто вярата, че нещото работи. Ако не се съмнявате, ще завали. Малко след като се заиграете с този инструмент.

Всеки “дъжд” произвежда различен звук. Именно получаването на желания звук е това, което превръща рейнстика в изкуство. И го прави интересен. И привлекателен. Ще запазим технологията и съдържанието на “дъждовете” в тайна за сега, но ще ви разкажем няколко истински истории, свързани с тях в следващите публикации.

Ако искате да научите повече, моля не се колебайте да се свържете с нас или просто да ни откриете на някоя от нашите предстоящи работилници (жокер: Sipirt of
Burgas). Готови сме да споделяме – онлайн или на живо, но предпочитаме да споделяме тайните си само с хора, които действително искат да знаят.

Можете да поръчате един от тези красиви, неповторими, магически, ръчно изработени “дъждове”. Стават за декор на интериора, за впечатляване на мацки, за подарък на приятел, който няма дубликат по света (и подаръкът, и приятелят) или за полезен инструмент в земеделието. 🙂 Кликнете върху иконите за по-детайлен преглед и се свържете с нас на един от посочените контакти:

Можем и да създадем специален “дъжд” за вас – такъв, който да отговаря на вкуса ви за цвят, форма и звук.

Следвайте този блог. Ще публикуваме още интересни истории за “дъждовете” много скоро.


        GG Sisters