Paper Basket (Handbag, Purse)

P1240941 P1240943

Rolled paper weaving technique. This paper handbag / basket / purse is made of reused paper: ad mags, brochures, flyers, spam, bulk mail. Colors are “inherited” from the original materials, no additional painting is added. Impregnated with non-toxic, transparent glue for durability and flexibility. String (cord) is used for additional fortification of the construction.

P1240942 P1240940

The handle is not flexible, which turns it into a perfect combination between a lady’s handbag (a purse) and a paper woven basket – suitable both for outdoor / picnic activities and for the city environment. Eco-friendly, chic, 100% handmade, reused paper only. Size: 22 cm in height, 28 cm long, 5-6 cm wide, 70 cm handle.




Pink Paper Basket (Pannier)


This beautiful pink paper basket (pannier) is a suitable container for bread, cookies, biscuits, chocolates and other yummy stuff, but you can also use it to store make-up, jewellery, playing cards, toys, keys, lighters, condoms and and other useful items…


It is made of reused paper (spam, ad mags, brochires, bulk mail) – rolled paper weaving technique. The original paper is pink. No additional paint is added. it is covered with transparent glue for solidity and durability. A non-toxic, environmental, reusable. eco-friendly product. 100% handmade. Size: 27×17 centimeters, height: 9 cm.




Wine Bottle Covers


These two charismatic “cat ladies” represent the spirit of us – GG sisters – our long lasting love for rolled paper weaving and our adoration of pets, especially cats. The two paper sculptures can be used as wine bottle covers, or “wine dresses” as we call them.

They are both made of reused paper: bulk mail, ad mags and spam brochures. The paper sculptures are unique, not only as wine covers, but also as a piece of interior decoration. Painted, impregnated with transparent glue and varnished, so that you can enjoy them as long, as you like.


Each of the two petite coquettes is approx. 26 cm high (with the hats). Their dresses spread up to 20 cm in diameter. A nice gift for family and friends, especially if they like cats, art and wine.




Handmade Paper Basket for Pets


This handmade pet basket is a comfortable bed for cats and / or small dogs. Made of reused white paper and reused junk mail. The technology is rolled paper weaving. The combination of colors is natural. The product is not additionally painted. Sealed with transparent, non-toxic glue for flexibility and durability. Waterproof. Eco-friendly. 100% handmade.


Size: 50x37x15 (centimeters). Practical implementations: Your pet will sleep in its own bed, not on your head anymore. Plus, you will always know where to find it. Your pet will feel like a real nobility in this comfortable lounge.




Paper Bowl with Orange Prints


Rolled paper woven bowl / basket / plate with orange prints – a suitable container for fruits, bread, cookies, cake, chocolates and other delicious stuff. Also usable outside of the kitchen, as a container for non-edible things, such as your remote control, for example, a wallet, playing cards, dices, keys, lighters, make up or basically everything you like keeping somewhere you can find it easily later. Entirely made of reused paper, mainly junk mail and paper ads. It is painted in pale yellow with acrylic paint.


The bowl is ornamented with decoupage of orange slices and then impregnated with transparent glue for flexibility, durability and strength. A non-toxic, environmental, reusable decoration for home or office interior, but also a good accessory for picnics and outdoor activities. A great 100% handmade gift! Size: 31 centimeters in diameter, 10 cm high.



Wake Up Open Air Festival










GG Sisters 

Cloth Fest for the Kids

This year in Plovdiv we had the first “Cloth Fest” for kids. We spent wonderful time together and we were blessed by the good weather among the green trees of the city park. There were many kids at a different age. They were keen to make something with their own hands.

There were several conversations like this one:

– What is thaaat? A heart.
– Is it easy to make? Yes.
– How much does it cooost? A smile.
– Can I have one tooo?

It was not easy for the participants, though. We spent many hours working but the emotions were worth it! Of course, there were the usual people, who try to copy the technique for free, in order to sell afterwards, but this is what we (artists) are made for – sharing…
Few people knew about our “miracles made out of paper and waste” and, apart from the kids, there were many adults attending the workshops with curiosity. They were looking at us working and they were shaking their heads. Not much donations were collected, but if we did it for the money, we wouldn’t be there at the first place…I think one should be grateful even for the small gifts received. Which were not small at all! Is there a greater present than bringing a smile on a kid’s face?
Finally, here is something like a little conclusion: rainsticks were an absolut hit! People took pictures of them, adults were interested: “What kind of an instrument is this?” and “Could it really produce rain?” (more about this topic later in the blog), while the kids just went crasy about them! Many people asked us about our next public activities, so that they could sign up for the workshops. Our next appearance will be at the Wake Up Open Air Festival (21 to 23rd of June). Here are a few pics from the “Cloth Fest”  (click on the icons below):


Парцал Фест за децата

Тази година в Пловдив за първи път се проведе детски Парцал Фест. Прекрасно време сред зеленината в Градската градина. Много деца от всякакви възрасти.
Всички, тръпнещи от нетърпение да си направят нещо сами.

Въпросите на децата бяха:
– Какво е товаааааа? Сърце.
– Лесно ли ставаа? Да.
– Колко струвааа? Една усмивка.
– Може ли и аааааз?

За участниците не беше лесно. Скъсахме си д*то от работа, но емоцията, която изпитахме си заслужаваше!
Не липсваха и хора, които искаха да научат техниката безплатно, за да могат после да продават, както обикновено правят с мартениците, например, в края
на месец февруари. Но ние, творците, сме за това – да споделяме.
Малцина бяха чували за плетенето с хартия и мисля, че освен децата, имаше доста възрастни, които се заплеснаха в работилницата. Гледаха и цъкаха с език. Не
бяха много хората, които ни подкрепиха с абсолютно скромничко дарение, но ако го правехме за пари, на първо място, изобщо нямаше да сме там. Пък и човек
трябва да е благодарен за малкото, което получава. А то никак не беше малко…Едва ли има по-голяма награда от това да зарадваш едно дете с усмивка!
И, накрая, едно кратко обобщение: рейнстиковете се разглеждаха и снимаха от посетителите на феста с голям интерес. Възрастните се интересуваха какъв е този “инструмент” и как така предизвиква дъжд (за това ще пишем по-късно в блога), а децата направо полудяваха от кеф. Доста хора питаха дали и къде ще правим другаде занимания и искаха да се запишат. Няколко организатори на Уоркшоп ни предложиха да направим нещо съвместно. Следващото ни участие ще бъде на Wake Ъп Open Air Festival от 21 до 23 юни. Ето малко снимки от Парцал Феста (кликнете върху избораженията за увеличения им размер):