GG Sisters on Etsy. It was about time…


Finally, we have our own Etsy Shop! It was about time! It happens to be more easy to just sit down and do it, instead of planning it, postponing it and thinking about it over and over again – a principle that may also be true for many other aspects of life. Our goal was to add the third “pillar” to the “holy trio” of our presence online: this blog, our facebook page and now – Etsy.

Etsy is not just an online market for handmade stuff and vintage goods. It is a vast (and growing) network of creative people. Its social features are well distinguished. Members can create or pariticipate in different communities, take part in discussions with like-minded people, follow, like and feature other members’ shops or product items and last, but not least, sell their hand made goods worldwide. Etsy will facilitate your appearance in search engine results and, apart from optimization, it is well known for the transparency of communication. Our first impressions are very pleasant so far.

Easier to be said than done, though. From the very beginning, we had many questions we didn’t know the answers to. Thanks to all the people who helped us with guidance and advice, we could make it! If you also consider joining the network, but you still have some questions and doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’ll do our best to help you with advice, just as other people did help us. On the other hand, if you happen to be one of the “old dogs”, please drop an eye on our brand new shop and profile there and tell us how we can possibly make them better.

Sharing is everything.


          GG Sisters