Paper Bowl with Orange Prints


Rolled paper woven bowl / basket / plate with orange prints – a suitable container for fruits, bread, cookies, cake, chocolates and other delicious stuff. Also usable outside of the kitchen, as a container for non-edible things, such as your remote control, for example, a wallet, playing cards, dices, keys, lighters, make up or basically everything you like keeping somewhere you can find it easily later. Entirely made of reused paper, mainly junk mail and paper ads. It is painted in pale yellow with acrylic paint.


The bowl is ornamented with decoupage of orange slices and then impregnated with transparent glue for flexibility, durability and strength. A non-toxic, environmental, reusable decoration for home or office interior, but also a good accessory for picnics and outdoor activities. A great 100% handmade gift! Size: 31 centimeters in diameter, 10 cm high.



Paper Woven Amphora Vase


This paper woven amphora (vase) is made of reused paper: mainly bulk / junk mail, ad magazines, brochures, flyers and other paper spam. Rolled paper weaving technique. The colors are from the reused paper materials, no additional paint is added. The amphora is covered with transparent, non-toxic glue for solidity, flexibility and durability. Although water resistant, it is not suitable for direct sinking of real flowers in it. But you can hide a glass bottle, a jar or another water container in it, so that you can use it as a real vase.


It is also suitable for home decoration, as an accessory for the interior and / or as a vase for artificial flowers. Very beautiful in combination with sunflowers and other larger plants. A perfect gift for new home owners, for the interior design of studios, creative offices and living spaces. 49 centimeters high. In its widest part the vase is 30 cm in diameter.