What is a Rainstick?

Many people know exactly what a rainstick is, but many people are still asking us: “What аre these beautiful colourful tubes? What are they made of? What are they filled with? What is their purpose?” Well, here is a little more about them:

Classical rainsticks (we call them just “rains”) are usually made of wood, cactus or bamboo. Their purpose is to make the skies cry. They can also be used as a myscial instrument. Rainsticks (“batons du pluit” in French) have a Himalayan origin. Buddhist monks are well known for their miracles. One of their abilities is to change weather. In this case, they influence the weather, in order to produce rain. You see, crops are scarce in the high mountains. Sometimes you have to provoke a drop or two in the desired time…For that purpose, they use meditation, mantras, visualization…and a rainstick. It facilitates them to concentrate on the desired result, as it produces the exact sound of a rain falling down from the sky.

Other supposed origins of the rainstick are the deserts of Afrika and the dry regions of Asia and America. It is even more important to be able to “produce” rain there. Different tribes used cactus or bamboo to make rainsticks.

Believe us or not, our rainsticks have exactly the same effect. The only difference is that we make them of recycled paper. Well, it all depends on the faith, of course. Not the faith in God, in the Universe or in some other mythical being, but simply the belief that it will work. If you have no doubts, it will rain…shortly after you start playing with this instrument.

Every rainstick makes a different sound. It is the preparation of the sound that makes this form of art tricky. And interesting. And attractive. We’ll keep the technology and the contents in secret for now, but we’ll tell you some real stories about rainsticks in our next publications, so – follow this blog. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the technology and/or the contents of the rainsticks, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also join us at one of our next exhibitions (hint: Spirit of Burgas). We will teach you – online or in person. We like to share, but we prefer to share our secrets only with people who really want to know.

If you would like to order one of these beautiful, uniqie, magical, handmade rains (as a decoration for the interior of your house, for example, as a gift for a friend, or as a helpful tool for your farm 🙂 ), just drop us a line. You can order one of these beauties (click on the icons for a more detailed preview):

Or we can produce a custom rainstick for you – one that matches your exact taste for colour, shape, form, and the kind of rain you’d like to be singing in… 🙂


        GG Sisters

Art Workshop in Varshets

After the Wake Up Open Air Festival that we had attended last week, this weekend the Sun was again with us – this time in the little and cozy town of Varshets. “GG Ssisters” were privilleged to be among the few of the artists, invited to take part in this workshop. It was full of positive emotions again. Littlte and grown up kids were eager to learn something new and interesting about our technique, which we were more than happy to share, of course! The sun was also there – it’s presence was enough for us to spend a wonderful day outside. The fun and excitement that you get at events like this are hard to explain, so here are some pictures:

We got interviewed again, but this time we don’t know from which television. We still don’t have the habit to ask. We didn’t pay enough attention to the logo under the microphone. We did not see ourselves on the TV screen that day, neither did we find any reportage in the TV programs. May be you can send us a clip or a link? We spent the evening with the music of “Eventually” – a very nice band and very sweet people. They also took part in the workshop. I think it was a good weekend getaway, combined with some nice handywork by the GGs, while meeting with lots of new friends. On the way back we took two hitch-hikers (Kalina and Itso) – great folks! We are still expecting those sunrise fotos from them.

More pictures from the event in Facebook.


GG Sisters