Cloth Fest for the Kids

This year in Plovdiv we had the first “Cloth Fest” for kids. We spent wonderful time together and we were blessed by the good weather among the green trees of the city park. There were many kids at a different age. They were keen to make something with their own hands.

There were several conversations like this one:

– What is thaaat? A heart.
– Is it easy to make? Yes.
– How much does it cooost? A smile.
– Can I have one tooo?

It was not easy for the participants, though. We spent many hours working but the emotions were worth it! Of course, there were the usual people, who try to copy the technique for free, in order to sell afterwards, but this is what we (artists) are made for – sharing…
Few people knew about our “miracles made out of paper and waste” and, apart from the kids, there were many adults attending the workshops with curiosity. They were looking at us working and they were shaking their heads. Not much donations were collected, but if we did it for the money, we wouldn’t be there at the first place…I think one should be grateful even for the small gifts received. Which were not small at all! Is there a greater present than bringing a smile on a kid’s face?
Finally, here is something like a little conclusion: rainsticks were an absolut hit! People took pictures of them, adults were interested: “What kind of an instrument is this?” and “Could it really produce rain?” (more about this topic later in the blog), while the kids just went crasy about them! Many people asked us about our next public activities, so that they could sign up for the workshops. Our next appearance will be at the Wake Up Open Air Festival (21 to 23rd of June). Here are a few pics from the “Cloth Fest”  (click on the icons below):