Spirit of Burgas 2013


Photo: Didi Andreeva

It was our first time at The Spirit and, which is more important, we were there as participants, not only as guestst, which is another opportunity to say a great Thank You! to the guys and gals from Na Tumno Shops. There were thousands of guests, three different musical stages, tons of artists and performers, different styles, a lot of entertainment, handmade bazaars, musicians, all kinds of positive, cool people and, of course, three days of partying till sunrise on the beach of Burgas. One of the most charming moments was our in-person meeting with popular Bulgarian actress and singer Milenita. We’re both great fans of her music! She was just as charming, as wild, as beautiful, as talented and as down-to earth, as we had expected. Another interesting encounter was with the guy from Dobrich – chef by day, freestyler by night. He was very good at improvising with rhymes, no matter what kind of melody or beat came down from the stage. There were many other interesting people, of course. We made acquaintance with a very positive Italian guy in a wheelchair who spoke fluent Bulgarian. His daughter Plamena was amazing too! There were sexy “police women” trying to “arrest” innocent guys, in order to take pictures with them. We met Dub FX and we took pictures with him. We saved a cat from a tree. Our landlady insisted on having only one bath per day. A second bath was not included in the price, but we also discovered that one can easily spend the night in a hammok, under the night sky, especially in good company (with hammoks). People were impressed by our colourful exhibition of handmade gifts. We gathered a lot of positive feedback! We had the chance to demonstrate our rainsticks as well, but it didn’t rain, just as we had promised. 🙂 The other handamde artists were amazing too! Here are Vessy and Emo. Vessy tatooted our GGSisters’ logo on our hands, which can be seen in the picture above, and Emo is the guy from “Pimp” –  a very popular brand among Bulgarian hiphoppers. Here is Antonia from Varna with her special handmade bags. Here is Cherry Cat with her wonderful jewellery. Another “neighbor” of ours was the very sweet girl from Cyrly Handmade Art Studio. We didn’t mention a lot of people, of course. There were many wonderful, unique and interesting handmade artists at this year’s Spirit, but these are the only ones that we could take pictures of. The Green Peace guys draw the attention with their campaign for saving Arctica from the oil drilling industry. The sexy girls from the “Police” were constatntly “on the hunt for single guys” while Durex were giving away condoms for free to everybody. Just in case. It was noisy and overcrowded, but that’s why you go to Festivals like these. Parties were great! We spent both nights on the beach, going to bed long after sunrise. We gave TV interviews again. Reporters from different massmedia took pictures of our stuff. As a result from everything shared above, we are a little tired now, may be even exhausted, but this is a kind of exhaustion that we recommend to everybody! It is time for a peaceful relaxation somewhere on a deserted beach. Thanks a lot to Didi Andreeva for the nice (and professional) photos that she sent us after the festival was over.