Form the Summer with Love / От лятото с любов

Някои от летните ни закачки:

Some of our summer teases:










Заповядайте в ателието ни на ул. Г. Бенковски 25 в Пловдив, Капана:

Welcome to our studio in Plovdiv, Kapana, G. Benkovski Str. No 25:karta_kapana

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Handmade Paper Basket for Pets


This handmade pet basket is a comfortable bed for cats and / or small dogs. Made of reused white paper and reused junk mail. The technology is rolled paper weaving. The combination of colors is natural. The product is not additionally painted. Sealed with transparent, non-toxic glue for flexibility and durability. Waterproof. Eco-friendly. 100% handmade.


Size: 50x37x15 (centimeters). Practical implementations: Your pet will sleep in its own bed, not on your head anymore. Plus, you will always know where to find it. Your pet will feel like a real nobility in this comfortable lounge.




Paper Bed for Pets


Suitable for cats and small dogs. Advantages:

1/ You always know where your pet is;

2/ You can move your pet around the house without disturbing it’s sleep (or meditation);

3/ Hairs stay inside the bed of your pet, not yours.


Technology: rolled paper weaving. Materials: reused ad magazines, recycled paper, glue, acrylic paint. Coated with transparent glue for durability. It’s waterproof, but NOT dishwasher-resistant. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. Use a vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth for maintenance.100% handmade. Height: 18 cm. Width: 37 cm. Length: 42 cm.




WTF is this?

We often recieve e-mails from people browisng our gallery, and asking: “Hey, wtf are these?”

So, let’s explain:

These, obviously, are two cats. They represent our technology (rolled paper weaving) and they also represent us – GG Sisters – our love for handmade art and our even greater love for pets, especially cats. Which naturally leads to the production of cat houses and beds for cаts from recycled paper.

But “the two cat sisters” have a practical purpose, as well. They are, actually, “bottle dresses”, as we call them, or wine containers, in which you can put two bottles of wine
(750 ml each), disguising them as pet-loving-sisters. It’s an original birthday gift and a good souvenir, especially for “wine snobs”.

May be you have friends who collect wine. May be somewhere in the world another person has the same two bottles of wine as they do. But you can be sure that nobody in the world will ever have the same decoration for their two most precious bottles of wine, because we never make one and the same thing again.

If you want these beauties, now is the time to drop us a line.


       GG Sisters