Our Handmade Lamps and Jewellery / Лампи и бижута

 You can see the results of our latest inspirations in the following photos: 

11428011_839055406183403_364023805819380513_n11393139_839055716183372_2666808321419168456_n1977314_839055389516738_3343347696255136242_n11430136_839054889516788_7026772569338836830_n11403260_839054882850122_689011072078687620_n11390218_839054999516777_3830244576890529564_n11391273_839054909516786_5851338852503566728_n11251735_839055039516773_903344576878162950_nP1270340P1270341 P1270345 P1270346 P1270350 P1270351 P1270352 P1270356 P1270357 P1270360 P1270361 P1270385Заповядайте в ателието ни на ул. Г. Бенковски 25 в Пловдив, Капана:

Welcome to our studio in Plovdiv, Kapana, G. Benkovski Str. No 25:karta_kapana

За поръчки и контакти / Accepting orders at: 





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