Дамска хартиена чанта с твърда дръжка

P1240941 P1240943

Ръчно плетена от хартия дамска чанта, която може да се използва едновременно като кошница за пазаруване, за пикник, като дамска чанта, в града или сред природата. Може да се носи удобно в ръка или през рамо. Дръжката е твърда, подсилена е с канап за повече здравина. Чантата е изработена по традиционната ни техника на плетене с навита на руло хартия. Материалите са отново: брошури, рекламни списания, флаери, спам. Цветовете са от използваните материали, без допълнителна боя върху тях. Импрегрнирана е с прозрачно лепило за повече здравина и за водоустойчивост.

P1240942 P1240940

Твърдата дръжка я превръща в чудесна комбинация между елегантна дамска чанта за градски условия, кошница за пазаруване или за пикник (според предназначението). Изцяло ръчна изработка, от преработена хартия, шик, без дубликат и щадяща околната среда. Размери: 22 cm височина, 28 cm дължина, 5-6 cm широчина. Дръжката е 70 cm.





Handamde Gift Ideas for Easter and Spring

egg basket3

Easter is fast approaching and the blossoming Spring around us is a great inspiration for our craft. Here are some handamde gift ideas, which are very suitable for the Season in general and for the Easter celebrations in particular. They can be used as a home decoration (for your table) when you are inviting guests or they can be the perfect and unique, 100% handmade present for your hosts. We all like bringing eggs and goodies when visitng relatives and friends during this season. They can be put in one of these woven paper panniers for a more pleasant surprise:

kurabii kozunak

Or the colorful eggs can be put in a basket, specially designed for this purpose. Here is what we gave as a gift to our friends, when we vistied them last Easter. It  was very well accepted and it still serves them for multiple purposes in their household:

basket1 basket2

You can add to a perfect handmade gift like this one some napkin rings as well. They are made of reused paper as everything else that we do. We have simply reused some old spam paper brochures and we have put some ribbons on them. Here is the result:

basket set 1 basket set 5

These are simple, but artistic napkin rings that will make your table look much batter during the Easter celebrations. And not only. Every time you invite guests, you will be proud to surprise them with something unique. The napkin rings are also a very good present for your hosts, when you are visiting friends. Just imagine how wonderfully our spring baskets will decorate their home, when filled with the handmade napkin rings:

basket set 2 basket set 3

Your guests will be fascinated by your taste and by the environmental attititude that it shows. They will most definitely like the idea of a rich spring table, decorated with woven paper baskets and napkin rings, made of reused paper by hand. This is a nice way to show some style. Apart from that, you will have decorated your home or you will have given presents to your hosts, that have no replica in this world. See these pieces of art:

basket set 4 basket set 6

All of our spring offers are made by rolled paper weaving. It’s a nice technique for getting rid of unnecessary paper (spam letters, brochures, flyers, ad mags, old outputs from your home printer) and turning it into something new, something beautiful, which has many practical implementations in your household. This is how resued printed documents from our home printer look like:

bunny toy1 bunny toy2

You can check out many other interesting gift ideas in our Facebook page and in our Etsy shop. You can also see a great variety of them here, in the galleries of our blog (listed in the sections above). Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to have any of these beautiful handmade presents. We can also remake any of them for you, according to your own preferences. Just use one of the contacts below and drop us a line: